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Stylish, space saving, shape innovative electronic scales for simple to unusual applications; robust, easy to clean and durable fully stainless steel electronic food scales scales for no performance decay; computerized electronic retail scales, though intuitive in use, for the needs of modern food distribution and store management.

Complete and reliable weighing instruments designed having in mind the requirements of food retail stores, both large and small, result of experience and proximity to customers and their wishes.





For medium to large grocery stores, Italiana Macchi offers specialty products, designed having in mind the most typical requirements of this market sector. Products include: electronic retail and self-service scales, hanging electronic scales, scales without printer for weighing operations only; cash registers connectable to scan readers; food equipments like slicers, with or without built-in weighing system, meat mincers, large bone saw machines and packaging machines. Specifically for packaging, Italiana Macchi offers: weigh-price machines with multi-belt built-in labelling system, thermo-sealing machines, wrapping machines, vacuum machines and large wheeled bone saw machines to be used in the various departments.

For stock management, Italiana Macchi offers many industrial weighing equipments, from floor scales to ticket & label printing machines. For the promotion inside the store, Italiana Macchi offers easily programmable electronic tags in combination with screens running commercials and managing the queuing system.


Food retail stores utilize many electronic equipments to perform weighing, cashing and labelling. There are actions performed in front of the customer and back-office activities like, for example, the weighing of large size objects or packaging operations. It is indeed very important to connect these instruments in networks to carry out operations like PC remote data control and recall.

The electronic scales of Italiana Macchi, from the simplest to the most advanced, are network connectable, including wireless, to allow operators (one or more) to work on the same machine contemporarily. Activities include the closing of the ticket from any scale or the updating of the scales archives in a continuous mode. The counter sale in a deli shop, for example, can rely on the exceptional performances of Italiana Macchi scales, while the most demanding customers will be happy to buy thermo-sealed or vacuum packaged products.


Italiana Macchi offers a wide range of automatic equipments for the precision cut and processing of meat in traditional butcher’s shop with counter service. If the shop serves also pre-packed food in self-service mode, the offer is enriched by further instruments like automatic labelling machines (with built-in weighing system) and packaging machinery.

The most advanced electronic retail scales in Italiana Macchi product range demonstrate to be a valid support for any weighing operation. These machines allow to visualize on colourful and bright LCD displays pictures (of the goods), photos (of the shop) and animations (prices, discounts, promotions) and are equipped with a meat traceability system. To complete the supply, there is a wide choice of cash registers, from the simplest and most compact in size to the most fashionable.


The hanging scales by Italiana Macchi are typical equipments for the modern fish market, whether a shop, indoor or outdoor, or an island in a larger retail shop. They are full stainless steel and allow deep cleaning. They are equipped with large screens, colour or monochrome, to display information and publicity.


Waterproof covers on cash registers help maintain the instruments clean and efficient. Easy-to-use loadcell platform scales in a wide choice of capacities and sizes complete the working cycle, speeding up weighing and labeling operations and offering full traceability systems of the goods on sale.